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WORLD EXPO MILAN 2015: the Bocuse d’Or Winners

WORLD EXPO MILAN 2015: the Bocuse d’Or Winners

In Milan, all the French chefs responded enthusiastically to Gl-events’ invitation and will be involved with the Café des Chefs in the Pavillon de la France.

Their mission: to show through their menus that French high gastronomy can meet the demands of a broad public. They will take turns in creating a menu, featuring regional products and dishes offered at affordable prices, while maintaining an excellent level of creativity and taste. Together, they form a team boasting no fewer than 16 Michelin stars and 5 Meilleurs Ouvriers de France!

But beyond the team’s legitimate pride, it is their mindset more than anything that should attract attention within the context of Expo Milan 2015.

Since summer 2013, the Bocuse d’Or Winners Association has been supporting food-related solidarity microcredit projects worldwide, through its commitment to the www.babyloan.org organisation. To date, they have funded around twenty micro-entrepreneurs; farmers, fishers, restaurant owners... Through their presence at the Café des Chefs, they are also actively supporting the commitment made by

Gl-events and therefore by the Pavillon de la France to reinvest 1% of sales to fund further projects.