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34 chefs, 34 recipes

34 chefs, 34 recipes
Author : Catherine Guérin et Jacques Orhon
Publisher : Atlantique Presse
Reference : EAN 9782953373004
Price : 25 €


A book presenting 34 recipes created by the prize-winning Bocuse d’Or chefs. The wide range of recipes, chosen to be accessible to everyone, comes with advice on wine pairings from famous sommelier Jacques Orhon, as well as a presentation of each chef’s career. The book is embellished with photographs of the recipes and portraits, including shots by photographers from many different nationalities who are members of the “alumni association” of this most illustrious of cooking competitions.

The bilingual French-English book was designed for a wide reading audience of wine and cooking enthusiasts.

A book-signing will be held at the next Bocuse d’Or ceremony in Lyon on January 25 & 26, 2011.