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The Man behind the Champion

The Man behind the Champion
Author : Catherine Guérin
Publisher : Bocuse d'Or Winners'Academy
Reference : Brochure luxe de la Bocuse d'Or Winners'Academy
Price : 15 €

The Bocuse d’Or Winners’Academy has just released a brochure presenting its 34 chefs. The concept for this communications tool is deliberately unconventional with respect to a traditional CV.

The chefs all agreed to play the alphabet game in interviews where they SPONTANEOUSLY expressed what each letter evoked for them, trying not to restrict themselves to the professional arena. The outcome is an amazing collection of portraits blending earnestness, humor and emotion.

A list of the “Top 10” words most frequently used was drawn up by analyzing the interviews and highlighting their differences and similarities - with the word Love coming in at the top of the list!

Furthermore, an identikit of the typical Bocuse d’Or Winner was devised, evoking the character traits and environments that underpin success in the world’s greatest cooking contest.

The brochure, published in French and English, is the ideal complement to the book 34 Chefs, 34 Recipes and the tips from Master Sommelier Jacques Orhon.