An innovative product

The unparalleled quality of SALMA® salmon is the result of state-of-the-art technology combined with unique Norwegian expertise in salmon farming. Employing hygienic procedures similar to those in the dairy industry, the finest-grade salmon is cut into skinless and boneless fillets and vacuum-packed less than four hours after being taken from the sea to guarantee unrivalled freshness.  

SALMA® is a top-quality product in terms of taste, texture and colour. During production, Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) technology is used to analyse the pigment concentration (key to its colour) as well as the fat content of each fillet. This cutting-edge technology, developed through a partnership between Salmon Brands and QVision Technology, provides precise fat content in grams and pigment concentration expressed using the Roche colour scale. The rigorous hygienic conditions result in extremely low bacteria counts, ensuring that the salmon is of extraordinary freshness and quality. 

Another advantage of SALMA® is convenience. The fish is delivered ready-to-use, so no time is lost in filleting, deboning or skinning. Plus, there is no waste: 100% of the fillet can be used.


Chosen by chefs

Another SALMA® strong point: major time saving in the kitchen since it is “ready to use”, so no time is wasted filleting the salmon, or removing the bones and skin.  Moreover, there’s no waste; the entire Salma fillet is useable.




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