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A crucial partner of the hotel and catering industry, RAK Porcelain blends exceptional quality with a creative spirit, while incorporating current trends. To meet its customers’ expectations, RAK Porcelain adheres to extremely rigorous qualitative criteria, both for the production of white porcelain and mass-produced sets with carefully crafted designs. RAK Porcelain also provides a flexible and tailored production of customized pieces. Inspired by the greatest designers, its contemporary collections appeal to both the gastronomy purists and creative chefs. Given that the aesthetics of a table service contribute to highlighting sophisticated culinary recipes and gastronomic pleasures, RAK Porcelain products are true masters of seduction. Varied collections RAK Porcelain’s various collections feature highly contemporary forms and respond to the expectations of the most demanding restaurant owners, lending style and elegance to each and every table thanks to their extremely refined design, their artistic lines and their timeless sophistication. Patterns and designs Drawing oriental inspiration with exotic and warm notes or featuring ethereal and time-less contours or else displaying accents tinged with freshness and cheerfulness, the designs characterise the products just as much as the patterns impart geometric or rounded aspects to the different pieces of the collections, underlining their respective vitality or softness.


Masters of technology

A subsidiary of RAK Ceramics, RAK Porcelain specializes in manufacturing top-of-the-range porcelain. Employing the latest production technologies, it has a production capacity of 15 million pieces of tableware, all bearing European certifications. Alongside its stringent aesthetic and functional requirements, the brand’s quality-price ratio also constitutes one of its main characteristics. A logistics system based on proximity, supported by the regional warehouses of its distributing partners, guarantees customers the availability of products and services. RAK Porcelain has established structures of distribution in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, in the United Arab Emirates and in India.


Unfailing guarantee

Supported by a network of table art experts and advisors and surrounded by a solid structure of professional distributors, RAK Porcelain creates collections that can withstand sustained handling both in the kitchen and on

the table. A recognized expertise combined with precise firing temperatures, the vitrification of the material or the composition of the porcelain elements all enable a strengthening of the enamel, an increase in chip resistance and a greater resistance to repeated industrial dishwashing cycles. The products of the RAK Porcelain collections are perfectly adapted to the constraints that accompany their use in the catering industry, such as cooking in traditional and microwave ovens. The optimal resistance of the RAK Porcelain products ensures a greater longevity, a fact appreciated by professionals of the hotel and catering industry.


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