Calvisius is, by far, the largest world producer of farmed caviar with 25 metric tonnes/year. Experienced
since 1991 in farmed caviar processing, Calvisius has gained a worldwide reputation within the airline
caterers and top restaurants for the freshness and flavor of its Calvisius caviars.
The company started farm-raising sturgeon in the ‘70s using pure spring waters and a sustainable
aquaculture model. Among other top certifications, we are proud of the “Friends of the Sea” award, as
acknowledgment for our contribution to the protection of the wild environment.
To prize the sturgeon, we preserve many different species (White Sturgeon, Russian “Oscetra” sturgeon,
Beluga, Siberian sturgeon, Adriatic sturgeon, Sevruga sturgeon) and reduce any waste: this is our sign of
respect for nature.

Calvisius caviar combines time-honored Italian traditions with innovative technologies. The skilled hands of
Calvisius  Caviar-Masters have been taking care of our top products for over forty years, with cutting-edge
production methods and traditional manual technique.
The clean taste and high quality of our caviar is unique, as Calvisius is both farmer and producer, having full
control over every aspect of the sturgeon’s lifecycle: each caviar tin is labelled and traced to the fish it came
from. Our thirst for perfection springs from a natural desire for excellence. Nothing less.
Before harvesting our product, the wait lasts more than 12 years, and consists in care and attention in
observance of natural rhythms. Calvisius knows the value of time, in order to provide experts and
connoisseurs with an excellent and uncompromising creation.


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Contact : Bottoli  Stefano ( info@calvisius.it )

Website : www.calvisius.it