A vineyard ownership since 1735. With a capacity of 500,000 bottles, Mandois is among the rare independent houses in Champagne. Pursuing the passion and embracing the values of the family, Mandois implements a very low dosage and allows for a long maturation time. Consisting of 35 hectares, Mandois’s vineyards supply 70% of its grape requirements which ensure the continuity of the style and the quality of its wines. Vineyards are located on prestigious terroirs including Vertus, Pierry and Chouilly. Quite exceptional in Champagne, Mandois owns a unique 1.5 hectare enclosed plot which produces, in a very limited quantity, a top rated wine reserved for those very special moments.

Mandois, a unique style…
Each bottle from Mandois is the purest expression of the cuvee, in respect with the traditions in Champagne and with the House style. Rich, a Mandois champagne always shows a fine texture developing slowly and perfectly mouth filling. With a characteristic crispy start, Mandois’s wines show great richness on the palate and long-lasting aromas on the finish. Exuberant, thanks to their finesse and complexity, Mandois’s wines are expressive even at their early stage. They develop slowly in the glass and always reveal a great generosity. Elegant, the wines show a long finish with impressions of fluidity, roundness and finesse. The purity of the House style comes in fact from a perfect balance driven by the elegance of a champagne whose concentration and power are always performing beautifully.

Mandois favours the quality of the grapes as well as the complexity and crispness of its wines to elaborate long-ageing champagne. In that sense, the elaboration of wines with grapes coming from a large owned vineyard is a key advantage for the House. Since 1735, the skills and expertise acquired in the vineyard and in the grapes’ selection represent the major pillars of Mandois’s philosophy. The authenticity of cuvees and the wines’ crispness have always been preserved particularly with the low dosage (no dosage for Brut Nature) of Mandois’s champagne. Finally, the best parcel selections benefit from an ageing in oak cask in order to enhance the unique complexity and long-ageing potentiality of the prestigious terroirs.

Respect of traditions and family independence.
The prestigious heritage of both history and men’s work gave Mandois the ability to maintain the traditions from Champagne such as the vinification in oak casks or the manual labour in vineyards. Proud owner of an enclosed single plot in Pierry (the clos), Mandois wants to pursue the privilege of a family House and to maintain the independence in its management over a long-run. This privilege is actually materialized by the incredible “oenotheque” made of old vintage wines. All these values are reflected in the quality and the style of Champagne Mandois, which have always been elaborated with a great sense of sharing and generosity.




Gradually, the new Mandois brand identity spreads all over the new range of packaging. The change in label design operated since 2007 has been a success and the new presentation of the 2002 Champagne Victor made a big impact. And now comes the new "gift box" with a style that is both more refined and more attached to the historical codes of the house.

A new life for this box that will give an extra magic to the gifts for the coming celebrations.


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