The assocation

Our goals


The mission of Bocuse d’Or Winners


- Through their words and actions, they contribute to the promotion of the Bocuse d’Or as a prestigious competition. It now ranks top among contests of its kind, with a sphere of influence that has enabled it to attract the “gratin” of international gastronomy, paying a warm tribute to the cooking professions. Many of our chefs are getting involved in their own countries in very practical ways, organising selections, sitting on juries, coaching new candidates.

- They created the Best Commis Chef Prize, presented during the Bocuse d’Or to a young cook as a reward for his professionalism during the trials assisting candidates. The Chefs are committed to promoting their profession among the younger generation and this prize is a highly coveted sign of recognition for those who play a key role in each candidate’s performance.

- Pushing their commitment further in favour of all those who help feed the world, they help small entrepreneurs (farmers, restaurant owners…) by supporting, a solidarity-based micro-credit organisation.

- On the occasion of each final in Lyon, held every two years, they publish a book presenting all the Bocuse d’Or Winners.


  • "Gourmet Challenge" publisher ed. Glénat
  • "34 chefs, 34 recipes plus advice of Master Sommelier Jacques Orhon" publisher  Atlantique Presse
  • "The man behind the Champion" a gathering of suprising portraits of the Chefs of the Academy
  • "For You, recipes from champion chefs adapted to your own talent", publisher Yvelynedition