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Bocuse d'Or Winners' new book available

Bocuse d'Or Winners' new book available

Bocuse d'Or Winners' new book available

We celebrate 30th anniversary of the in January, and the title chosen for the book highlights the importance of this club of chefs, the BOW as they are now known, who have climbed the podium of the Bocuse d’Or since its creation in 1987. They are writing its history, and they are its memory.

The book features:

  • a preface by Jérôme Bocuse, the association’s vice-president of honour alongside his father Paul;
  • the Bocuse d’Or Quiz: 30 questions to test your knowledge of the contest;
  • the presence of the BOW at the Bocuse d’Or, forever bonded;
  • BOW’s commitment to solidarity microcredit through www.babyloan.org;
  • recipes accessible to any keen amateur cook. This year, there’s a common theme: the amuse-bouche, with quotations on how each chef views this “little” dish, now a must-have at the greatest restaurants;
  • and to celebrate the 30th anniversary: testimonials from the 41 winning chefs from the Bocuse d’Or.

For every book sold, €3 goes to funding micro-entrepreneurs across the world.

You can buy it from our website (bookstore)