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Bocuse d'Argent 2009


Tel. +46 (0) 768 519 885

Jonas remembers his first gastronomic sensation perfectly well. "It was in Norrland, in the north of Sweden. I ate blueberries, fresh-picked in the woods, and served with homemade vanilla ice-cream". He loves products from his own country but is more than happy to work abroad to benefit from contact with other cultures: The French Laundry in the Napa Valley, The Square (2**) in London, and Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. He was amazed to be representing his country at the Bocuse d'Or. "The Bocuse d'Or is the most prestigious prize that a chef can win". As a good Scandinavian, he prepared for the contest as though it were a sport, training for hours at a time with the help of Swedish winners Henrik Norström and Mathias Dahlgren, who passed on their own experience. Jonas is also a keen sportsman, his second passion. "Physical training gives you real mental strength". He has also published a book on Paleo cuisine.

Today, after several years running the kitchens of Wynn Palace Cotai in Macau, he has decided to continue living in this city where he is working on a business degree.