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Bocuse d'Or 1993


Tel. + 47 22 41 88 00 - Fax+ 47 99 22 51 29

Restaurant « Statholdergaarden » Radhusgate 11

0151 OSLO


Bent is the first Scandinavian chef to have won the Bocuse d’Or. Already renowned in his own country where, at the age of 23, he became head chef of the Continental Hotel, the best restaurant in Oslo, this success has enhanced his reputation on the culinary scene. He participates in many television programmes in different countries, for example. However, it is in his restaurant, the Statholdergaarden (Michelin 1*), opened in 1994, that he has really developed his art. There, he offers a warm welcome to gourmets from Norway and elsewhere at a sumptuous 17th century property in the heart of Oslo. His gastronomic cuisine, based on Nordic traditions with a strong European influence, gives pride of place to Norwegian products, including several cheeses capable of surprising even well-travelled French palates! For those also looking for the roots of simple, high quality Nordic cuisine, Bent Stiansen has a Nordic inn at the same address: Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller. In 2011 Bent’s restaurant is considered by the professionals of his country as the best establishment for apprentices in Norway..