Manage the content, not the technology


Novius Agency

Novius Agency is there to assist you in the design and implementation of your Internet projects: website, e-mailing, mobile, social media and online community management.

Our staff are highly creative people with a passion for their job. They love to push projects to their fullest potential by helping clients pull the user into the core of their strategy.

Novius Labs

 This is the department dedicated to innovation, where our experts will advise and train you on specific issues: digital communications strategy, user experience, social media, Internet technologies [Novius OS, FuelPHP, Javascript, etc.) and development of non-standard projects.


Novius Cloud

 Novius Cloud is Novius’ hosting and outsourcing department. Our staff manage a high-performance infrastructure within a secure environment that is supervised 24/7. Our Cloud product is based on several Internet operators [BGP multi-homing) and includes several geographic locations in France. Our service is optimised for the CMS Novius OS and also the FuelPHP framework

 Skill areas

-               Digital consultancy and strategy

-               Web design and Internet engineering:

  • ·Website
  • ·E-commerce
  • ·E-mailing
  • ·Mobile application
  • ·Community platform
  • ·Webzine
  • ·QR-code design

- Training, monitoring and evolution

- Social media

 Key Clients

Culture: Bocuse d’Or Winners, Les César, Le 104, Les 3 Continents, Biennales de Lyon, Cinémathèque française, Festival Paris Cinéma, Francofolies, Festival Lumière, Nabbû, Ninkasi, Région Urbaine de Lyon

 Product: Baguépi, Bjorg, Butagaz, Doméo, Dekra, Etre vert, Eurostaf, Gerflor, Nactalia, Naturex, Panzani, Point S, Jardin d'Ulysse, Syntilor, Muzéo Collection

 Miscellaneous: April, CNRS, FIS, Groupe Alpha, Groupe SOCODA, Les Echos, Mérieux Développement, Mondial des Métiers, Veolia, Vinci.



Address : 55 avenue Galline 69100 VILLEURBANNE - France
Tel : +33 (0)4 27 46 20 00
Fax :
Email : hebert@novius.com
Contact : Bleton Anthony ( a.bleton@novius.fr )

Contact2 : Hébert Antoine ( hebert@novius.com )

Website : www.novius.com