Bridor de France: quality breads and pastries.

French professional quality, delivered to the most demanding chefs worldwide.

Bridor de France was founded in 1988 by Louis le Duff and takes pride in producing a broad range of bread products, pre-cooked in a stone deck oven, that are both soft and crusty with a delightful light interior. Bridor de France is also renowned for the quality of its pastries: golden, gourmet products with light flakes and the delicious taste of fresh butter. In 2012, the Bridor de France collection was enhanced with a range of sweet treats and French macarons under the high-quality Bridor Une Recette Lenôtre Professionnel label.


Bridor de France: guarantee of an authentic bakery experience.

Bridor de France’s unique quality is expressed through a tangible experience; taste. This quality is made possible by the careful selection of ingredients (T65 French flour, Charentes Poitou AOP butter, etc.) and production methods (slow mixing, careful working of the dough, long rest times, etc.), and modern production techniques that guarantee consistent quality and safety. When Professionals choose a Bridor de France product, both they and their guests are guaranteed a uniquely intense experience.

Our products are perfect for any occasion in a Hotel or Restaurant: breakfast, bread with dinner, desserts, snacks, breaks, catering, and receptions.


Bridor and Lenôtre: partners in excellence.

For almost 20 years, Bridor and Maison Lenôtre-Paris have worked together closely to develop cutting-edge quality solutions. As a partner of the Paul Bocuse Institute, Bocuse d’OR, Bridor de France is also a proud sponsor of the Bocuse d’Or Winners.

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