Rougié inspires chefs to dare

Created in the Périgord in 1875, the Rougié firm bears the name of its founder and is an inspiration for the most demanding chefs from across the world.  Rougié is constantly improving its working methods and recipes, and in 145 years has become a symbol of French gastronomy. Its foies gras, lobsters and duck meat specialities are enjoyed at the most prestigious tables. Nowadays, Rougié can be found in palaces, famous restaurants, fine groceries and duty frees in over 70 countries.


Rougié, a brand of committed French producers

Thanks to its 541 French family farms, Rougié controls 100% of the sector, its traceability and the implementation of good farming practices: 100% of its ducks are born and raised free-range in France, their diet is specifically adapted to each age, and a team of farm technicians share and monitor good practices among our farmers. Since 2014, it has been committed to a process of de-medicalisation, and today Rougié is proud to announce that 100% of its foies gras and fresh, raw magrets come from ducks raised from birth without any antibiotics (guaranteed by an independent organisation). A brand new initiative in the fatty duck sector!


Rougié, committed alongside chefs

A founder partner of the Bocuse d’Or Winners association, and creator of the Ecole du Foie Gras, Rougié is a privileged partner of the very greatest chefs, for whom it is a much-needed reference today. As a driving force in passing knowledge among chefs, Rougié has a team of 20 culinary consultants who criss-cross the globe, assisting them on a day-to-day basis: selecting the product that best corresponds to their needs, sharing new techniques and new inspirations… Special, locally-based connections that enable Rougié to stay as close as possible to what chefs and their clients want.


Exceptional products

We are looking to produce the very best quality resulting from a traditional know-how that has its roots in our labs in Sarlat, in the depths of the Périgord Noir, and a strict specifications list.

The preparation of terrines and the harvesting and selection of the livers are still manual steps.

Rougié is constantly innovating to meet the needs of chefs. For example, 2 years ago it invented the frozen foie gras escalope that has become a culinary “must.” The range of fresh, raw livers for chefs is being re-designed with the new promise of ducks raised “from birth with no antibiotic treatment” and the guarantee of high quality liver all year round. Lastly, its Signature half-cooked Foie Gras provides a way to serve a duck foie gras with exceptional texture and taste, cooked at low temperature, during the end-of-year festivities.


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