Created in 1942 in the Ardèche region, the company Boiron Frères is still independent and family-operated and run by Alain Boiron.

In the 1970s, Les vergers Boiron became the forerunners in deep freezing, an optimal technique for preserving the organoleptic and physicochemical properties of fruit.

Les vergers Boiron rely on perfect application of blending to ensure the consistent quality of their products. This technique, inspired by champagne, is based around the work of an in-house laboratory team that makes a draconian selection of fruit batches

At this stage, science makes way for the expertise and human talent of the fruit artisan who, like a cellar master with wine, adds his own personal stamp and that extra little touch that makes all the difference.

Les vergers Boiron offer fruits and now vegetables: purees (unsweetened or sweetened), coulis, concentrates, whole fruits, enabling savoury and sweet applications in cooking, pastrymaking and mixology (cocktails). 

At present, Les vergers Boiron feature an impressive range of 70 flavours. Key innovations recently have been in vegetables: cucumber, yellow pepper, red pepper, pumpkin, tomato, and two specialities: citronella and ginger, which are very trendy at the moment.

That policy allows Les vergers Boiron to offer products that are free of colourings, thickening agents and preservatives.

In addition, the flash-pasteurisation technique (subjecting food to a high temperature over a short time), combined with deep-freezing, enables better organoleptic and nutritional preservation of fruits and vegetables.


In a word, everything is: 100% natural origin, 100% taste, 100% safe.


On an environmental level, this policy is expressed through the choice of plant location, the quality of the HEQ buildings, energy use and waste processing.

These sustainable standards are also applied to supplies via a “concentric circles” policy: they buy as locally as possible, then expand little by little in the case of fruit that can only be found elsewhere (e.g.: mangos…).

Traditionally, Les vergers Boiron are primarily based in the world of the pastry chefs and barmen. But Les Vergers Boiron now meet the increasing demand of Chefs who want to use their products. Hence, the incomparable sweetness, acidity and bitterness of fruit and vegetable purees are enriching the taste, colour and aesthetics of their creations. 


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