Irish beef: simply outstanding

 Tender, succulent Irish beef has been pasture raised for centuries. Ireland's main beef-producing area lies in the centre of the country. As well as a temperate climate, Ireland boasts Europe's largest expanse of limestone, providing a calcium-rich soil perfect for grazing cattle. Ireland produced some 500,000 tonnes of beef in 2013.

 Ireland - the perfect place to farm beef

Thanks to their hardiness, Irish cattle spend most of their time outdoors and therefore feed on a natural diet of grass all year round. Most are reared on traditional family farms with low livestock densities and live peaceful, stress-free lives. In Ireland, farmers take time to look after the well-being of their animals so that the beef they produce is of the very highest quality. This is what gives the meat its marbled effect and makes it fantastically tender and succulent once cooked. Additionally, Bord Bia's Quality Assurance and Sustainability Charter which is EN45011-certified, guarantees that all stages of the animal's life, from the farm through processing to the end consumer, have been conducted in accordance with strict national and European legislation.

 Reasons for choosing Irish beef

Ireland's 41 export-approved abattoirs are spread right across the country. Consequently, most animals travel for less than an hour to reach their nearest facility. Being grass-fed, the resulting beef is very rich in vitamin A, carotene, conjugated linoleic acids and unsaturated fatty acids. It maintains its consistent unique fine-grained, tender quality all year round.


Bocuse d'Or 2013

Ireland was honoured to see its beef selected as the official meat by the organisers of France's prestigious culinary competition, the Bocuse d'Or. Chef Thibaut Ruggeri, representing the French team, climbed to the top of the podium to collect the competition's gold medal. His team's winning beef dish was entitled "Fillet of beef in the style of Rossini".

 After a rigorous selection procedure, the competition's international organising committee chose Irish beef because it is grass-fed, guaranteeing superior tenderness, flavour and texture. Moreover, the Origin Green programme certifies the meat's sustainability credentials.

 Aidan Cotter, Bord Bia CEO, said "With the majority of Ireland’s beef exports destined for European markets, the priority is to differentiate and position Irish beef by presenting a premium image to secure its place in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our partnership with the Bocuse d’Or is aligned with our global strategy of working with chefs internationally to raise awareness of the quality of the products from Ireland. Irish


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