Family business since its inception, Mauviel 1830 is now a key player in the market utensils upscales kitchen, designed for catering professionals and the general public.

Every day, Mauviel 1830 receives 70 artisans in its manufactory in Villedieu les Poêles. Master in shapping copper, steel and aluminium, they design the 1300 made daily utensils by the brand. From cutting metal plates to assembling of pan handels, each step requires special attention and perfect dexterity.

Particulary complete, Mauviel 1830 supplies three collections for copper, three collections for stainless steel, three collections for aluminium, and two for black steel. Strenght of its success, the manufactory has also developed a collection of minis and accessories.

It remains the only company worlwide able to work so many different materials, with 900 references in the catalog and 1600 active references!


Address : 47 Route de Caen 50800 Villedieu les Poêles - France
Tel : 33 (0)2 33 61 46 27
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Contact : Le Guern-Gilbert Valérie ( v.gilbert@mauviel.com )

Contact2 : Dosdat Julie ( j.dosdat@mauviel.com )

Website : www.mauviel.com