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At NORDWAYS, we love to say that we’re supplier of comfort at work.

When at the core of a family business, the spirit of adventure stands along exigence, no wonder the products offered exceed the mere function of a safety shoe and strive for absolute comfort.


Because at NORDWAYS, driven by the passion and the determination to foster well-being at work, we constantly reinvent the comfort you need.


Since its beginning, NORDWAYS is well-known in the “HORECA” business.

Today, it remains our backbone.

Anchored in those trades for more than 25 years, we desire to endorse these relationships in digging the conundrums behind the existing risks and constraints in order to become THE shoemaker of all the catering trade.


To summarise, we wish to offer to all, by our comfort; the possibility to excel and make “feet well-being at work” a reality within everyone’s reach. 


Contact : Roncoroni Terry ( tr.commercial@nordways.fr )