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Sturia is the leading producer of caviar in France. The flagship brand, as the symbol of French gastronomy, has been distributing its products worldwide for the past 25 years. 

Sturia pioneered sturgeon breeding in France. It is on this basis that Sturia puts special emphasis on respect for the welfare of its fish, for the environment and for its consumers.  This caviar made in Aquitaine (France) and sold directly from the producer is the guarantee of quality and consistency.

Indeed, as a farmer and producer, Sturia controls all the upstream and downstream stages: from the breeding to the blending stage and maturation. Sturia offers natural caviar produced using traditional methods, both subtle and powerful. A perfect balance that enhances the full expression of hazelnut and iodized flavours which are the characteristic features of Caviar d’Aquitaine.

Sturia offers a broad range of caviars: from the species to maturation and taste. Each consumer will find the caviar to suit their own taste.

This quality is recognized by top Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants in France and throughout the world.


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