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Chard, goat’s cheese and parsley ravioli

Grosse raviole de blette, chèvre & persil

A recipe from Thibaut RUGGERI - Bocuse d'Or 2013

Catégorie : First course

Niveau : Novice

Temps de préparation :  minutes


Serves 4

White dough

- 250 g flour

- 150 g egg

- 10 cl olive oil


Green dough

- 250 g flour

- 150 g egg

- 20 g parsley


Cooking the chard

- 350 g chard (white part)

- 40 g butter

- 35 g marrow

- 100 g chopped shallots

- 60 cl white wine

- 25 g CHEF® Veal Gravy in Flakes

- Salt, pepper



- 300 g chard and shallots, cooked and drained

- 200 g fresh, drained goat’s cheese

- 100 g whole egg

- Salt, pepper


Green emulsion

- 250 g chard and shallots, cooked and drained

- 20 g blanched chard (green part)

- 20 g blanched flat parsley

- 100 g liquid cream



- 50 cl olive oil

- 12 cl wine vinegar

- 12 g Dijon mustard

- 5 g chopped shallots

- 5 g finely chopped chard (green part)


White dough

Using the flat beater in the mixer, mix all the ingredients until you obtain a smooth dough, then place in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


Green dough

Blend the parsley and eggs to obtain a nice smooth coulis then repeat the operation used for the white dough.

Assembly of white and green dough

Using a roller, roll out the doughs to a thickness of 1 mm. Cut the green dough into tagliatelle then line them up on a worktop dusted with flour. Moisten the rolled-out white dough then stick it on top of the carefully arranged green dough tagliatelle. Roll out again to a thickness of 1 mm. Wrap in plastic film to prevent from drying out.


Cooking the chard

In a sautoir pan, melt the butter and the marrow. Coat the chard and shallots. Deglaze with the white wine then pour in the CHEF® Veal Gravy in Flakes made according to the instructions. Cover with a lid and cook.



Leave the shallots and chard to drain. Grind up roughly and mix with the fresh, drained goat’s cheese, the eggs, and adjust seasoning. Mould in a half-dome with a diameter of 50 and cook in the oven at 100°C for 40 minutes. Cool.


Assembling the ravioli

Place the stuffing dome between two layers of dough, avoid any air bubbles, then cut using a fluted cutter with a diameter of 90.


Green emulsion

Blanch the parsley and chard greens then blend with the cooking water from the chard.



Mix all the ingredients, alter seasoning.



Poach the ravioli in simmering salted water. Drain then arrange in the centre of a plate. Heat the green emulsion and arrange around the edges. Finish by sprinkling the ravioli with vinaigrette.


“A hit from my childhood that I wanted to reinterpret: ravioli, lettuce and shallot vinegar. I have a weakness for vinaigrette and salad in hot dishes.