Social Commitment Award

Bocuse d’Or Winners and Gl-events create the Bocuse d'Or Social Commitment Award

An award given to a Bocuse d'Or team for its societal involvement in areas related to food. This prize, awarded jointly by Gl-events and the Bocuse d´Or Winners association, is awarded by a jury made up of international personalities recognized for their commitment and expertise on these subjects.

Criteria and regulations

Fields of action:

- Food aid, meal distribution

- Education, training,

- Sustainable development (fight against waste, responsible agriculture, protection of resources, etc.).

The chef alone or with his team has the possibility of presenting a file for which he will have:

- Assembled and carried out a project from A to Z in the aforementioned fields;


-        Provided logistical assistance to an already existing project or structure (organization of meals to raise funds, field involvement for training or distribution of meals, for example);


-        Provided its sponsorship, its notoriety to highlight an already existing action or structure.

Rating criteria

- Degree of involvement of the Chef and possibly his team

- Assessment, measurability of the impact

- Temporality; “one shot” action or long-term action

- Involvement of other actors for synergy

- Enhancement of the action and effectiveness of communication


Details and specific press kit of the Social Commitment Award on request