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Masters of all things web 

Novius draws the very best from its permanent web monitoring to build the best digital communications strategies.
The web is constantly evolving, and to perform well, you have to be in a state of permanent watch and draw the right consequences from it.
The quality of its daily, state-of-the-art web monitoring, then the way it is analysed, enable Novius to offer an optimal pairing of creativity/technology. To keep one step ahead of the trends, first you must monitor them; to break the rules, first you must master them. To understand the world that is inventing itself, you must be permanently connected.
Novius is a creative agency founded on a strong technical basis, innovative systems, a good understanding of its clients’ environment and of their overall strategy. Our web monitoring is the departure point for any project based on co-construction with the client.
With Novius, it’s a beautiful web!


• Strategy & branding
• Creation & design
• UX & UI
• Brand content
• Customised web systems
• Activation & promotion

Over 500 projects completed since the creation of Novius
Adecco, ASBA Drum, Association Rêves, Aviva Cuisines, Biennales de Lyon, Bioderma, Bjorg, Boiron, Cinémathèque Française, Cité de la Céramique, Dekra certification, Edilians (ex Imerys Toiture), Europa Cinemas, Fédération Internationale de Ski, Fondation Les Arts Florissants
France Télévision, Gerflor, Groupe Les Echos, Influencia, Institut Lumière, Intex, La Poste, Le Cent Quatre, Le Moulin Rouge, Mairie de Lyon, Mairie de Paris, Michelin Earthmover, Monsieur Store, Musée de Cluny, Mylan, Naos France, Office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse, Only Lyon
Panzani, Sacem, Sauthon, Theotokos, Wolters Kluwer France…


Jérôme Daubresse

General Manager