Bocuse d'Or

Winners - The podium dishes

From the start, the goal of Paul Bocuse and the contest’s organising team was to present an ARTISTIC cuisine while allowing the public to watch the competitors work. This was something very new in 1987. There was no Top Chef programme and no Internet at the time! The visual aspect has always been an integral part of the Bocuse d’Or DNA. Only jury members have the privilege of tasting the dishes made by competitors. However, the visual feast is accessible to all. The photos of the podium dishes reflect how gastronomic cuisine has evolved over the years… and likewise for culinary photography. Really interesting!

Pumpkin Nordic “Ceviche” with sea buckthorn & Espelette, roasted cabbage bouillon & marinated cabbage, cilantro & ginger. Soft crystal tartelette made of Swedish vinegar “ättika”. The milk skin egg, filled with baked egg & horseradish emulsion. Crispy pumpkin ring stuffed with chantarelles and caramelized onion & topped with browned butter cèpe foam served with a beurre blanc flavored with star anise, funnel chantarelle and vinegar. Pumpkin spice cake served warm with my childhood memories, caramel apples & pumpkin compote, passionfruit gel and vanilla ice cream.

Monkfish seasoned with mild juniper smoke & bergamot. Champagne sauce with browned butter & citrus. Sunchoke & cèpe. Cucumber, celery & salicorn “en gelée”. Grilled mussel ragout with lupin and sea buckthorn. Crouton ravioli with garlic and herbs.

Harlequin pigeon checkerboard. Pigeon stuffed with pig’s foot and asparagus. Artichoke hearts with celery root mousseline with salsifies. Courgette and chicken cake, buckwheat tuile with parmesan asparagus and mushroom charlotte.

meat tray

Checkerboard of fresh ham and chicory. Pear blood sausage. Lentil ingot. Truffle with foie gras sauce.

Roast pork in herb crust, stuffed with chanterelles. Barley risotto with black truffle, cep cream and braised “Pedro Ximenes” pork haunch. Pork reduction.

meat tray

NORTH – Grandmother’s roast and a call for sustainable practices. Pommes soufflées Veal sweetbread and steamed leeks. Roast veal. Cauliflower rosette. Salad of the North.Pickled turnip.

FLORA DANICA WINTER – Browned celery root “bone”. Jerusalem artichoke and creamy mushrooms with Danish cheese. Danish rosehip and beet. Roast rack of veal. Kohlarabi, tarragon and smoked snail eggs. Roast veal gravy with mustard seeds and thyme leaves.