Bocuse d'Or Winners

Every two years since 1987, the world’s best chefs have been pitted against each other in a friendly culinary contest. At each edition, three of them reach the podium. In 2000, the Bocuse d’Or Winners association was created to bring them together. 
Welcome to their world.

Bocuse d'Or


They come from a wide range of backgrounds; palace chefs or head chefs, young and old, competition regulars or not, they all share a fascination for the most prestigious of culinary competitions. In their hearts, victory remains the great achievement of their lives!



Thank you

The 7 members of the World Central Kitchen killed in Gaza were colleagues of ours, individuals who provided food to the hungry. They also had the very special quality of going out into the field themselves to help starving people, in appalling conditions. Humbly, the Bocuse d’Or Winners express our solidarity with this amazing NGO that we have been supporting for some time now.

THANK YOU for being who you are, and for doing what you do.

Saifeddin, Lalzawmi, Damian, Jacob, John, Jim, James… Rest in peace in the heaven that awaits the generous.

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