Pike, beaufort & ceps

Serves 4

Quenelle mix

a) 250 g pike filet

– 25 g cream

– 60 g egg whites

– 35 g egg yolks


b) 50 cl milk

– 20 g butter

– 25 g flour

– 35 g egg yolk


c) 125 g firm whipped cream

– 35 g egg yolk

– 20 g butter


Roasted ceps

– 200 g ceps

– 15 cl olive oil

– 20 g butter

– 1 g thyme

– 4 g garlic


Beaufort tile

– 50 g beaufort cheese

Veal gravy

– 30 g CHEF® Thickened Veal Gravy in Flakes

– Pike trimmings (PM)

– 45 g butter

– 15 cl olive oil



– 10 cl garlic-flavoured oil

– 10 g flat parsley

– 12 garlic chip pieces


Pike quenelle mix

a) Blend the pike, egg white and cream. Put through a fine strainer.

b) Make the panade: boil the butter with the milk, add the flour. Leave to cool a little then add the yolks. Blend.

c) Whisk the firm cream, add to the mixture then finish by adding the yolks and lastly the butter. Cook on a baking sheet 2 cm thick in a steam oven at 95°C for 25 minutes. Cool and cut into mushroom shapes.


Roasted ceps

Grease a sautoir pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Clean the ceps while dry, peel them (keep the trimmings for the gravy) then cut in two. Place flat side down in the pan. Add the garlic and thyme and a drop of olive oil, cover and cook in the oven at 160°C for 30 minutes.


Beaufort tile

Cut the beaufort into 1 mm slices. Place on a non-stick sheet then cook for 7 minutes at 180°C. Cut into a mushroom shape using a cutter then continue cooking for another 5 minutes.


Veal and cep gravy

In the sautoir pan used for cooking the ceps, brown the trimmings then pour in the CHEF® Thickened Veal Gravy in Flakes made according to the instructions. Cook, strain then reduce.



In the centre of a plate, arrange 2 pike quenelle mushrooms, 2 roasted half-ceps, and two beaufort tiles. Sprinkle with gravy and garlic-flavoured oil, flat parsley and garlic chips.


“A dish that is 100% from Savoy, a little nod to my roots with these products from my region: a cep mushroom split in two then roasted, a crispy beaufort chip and tender pike quenelle.”


Recipe created

by Thibaut RUGGERI

using CHEF® Thickened Veal Gravy in Flakes

The finesse of the notes of braised veal combined with the characteristic roast flavour of oven-browned bones will coat your tastebuds.

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