Philippe MILLE

Establishment : Les Crayères

Philippe’s first gastronomic emotion was the pot-au-feu that his grandmother made every Sunday: “I’ll always remember those smells that bewitched me when I entered the kitchen”. After training at the hotel school in Le Mans when he was 15 years old, Philippe started at the Aubergade in Pontchartrain, and meeting Jean Bordier there was a decisive step in his career. He learned all the basics of “Escoffier” cuisine, then went on to realise the importance of rigour under Louis Grondard at the Drouant restaurant. Frédéric Anton of the Pré Catelan passed on his finesse, while Michel Roth at the Ritz gave him a taste for competition. Lastly, Yannick Alléno, with whom he worked for over ten years, helped him to mark out his culinary itinerary and fine-tune his knowledge. Philippe Mille describes his cuisine as “classical but adapted to the tastes of today”. Aware of the importance of keeping an even keel, Philippe draws from sources other than cooking, as he swims and likes to travel, with a marked preference for Asia. He is currently learning Japanese. He took a personal and professional change of direction in January 2010, leaving the capital for Champagne, where he took control of the kitchens at Les Crayères. 2011 was an excellent year with one star awarded by the Michelin Guide and the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. And continuing on his momentum, 2012 brought him a second star. In 2008, he created the Trophée Mille, which every year brings together young students from multiple countries to celebrate cooking in an atmosphere of friendship.


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2009 France Bronze

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