Establishment : L'abbaye de Fontevraud

Living abroad for several years soon taught Thibault how lucky he was to be in France! With its excellent quality products drawing from a wide variety of regions, not to mention the French gastronomic culture and meal ritual that brings together family and friends day after day to communicate around the sheer pleasure of eating.

Bolstered by this knowledge, at age 13, it was time to choose a profession… and he would be a chef! To ensure that this culinary heritage would continue and not be lost; to hand down knowledge to the people around him, and to future generations, values that are unifying and essential to our society. For him, food is a universal value in France, and a language enabling communication with the whole world! Paul Bocuse would become his guide and his book “La cuisine du marché” would take pride of place on his bedside table.

Curious and thirsty for knowledge, Thibault took his science Baccalaureate before enrolling at Lesdiguières, the excellent public hotel and restaurant school in Grenoble. He worked in several renowned establishments, since “he who can do more can do less”: Guérard, Taillevent, Alexandre in Garons and Lenôtre would all serve as windows onto “something else”; different types of cuisine that inspire creativity, pushing him to question himself, explore new approaches to get to the very heart of the matter. Thibault is driven by creation and he needs several types of fuel to power it; cooking of course, but also mountain biking, culinary photography, music (violin, drums and electronic music); he competes in each of these disciplines, often achieving the best result. His cooking also obeys a certain set of rules and has proved to be an increasing source of happiness; teamwork, striving for excellence, meeting artisans and clients with a passion for cooking. Putting all his love into each and every dish.

These days, Thibault is delighted to be managing the kitchens at a unique location rich in 1000 years of history: the Abbaye Royale in Fontevraud. In this atypical setting, on the banks of the Loire and far from the city lights, he can give free rein to his immense culinary creativity, combining culture, history and design.


The podium dishes

Carrot in its cooking gravy, almond and lemon paste, beef cheek preserved in its own fat. Leek, shoulder of beef in tartare sauce, truffle and vinaigrette. Duchesse puréed potatoes, bacon and wild thyme.

Turbot and lobster in the garden. Poached turbot filled with lobster, fish stuffing, shellfish jelly. White butter sauce, revisited. Truffle tartlet. Cabbage medley. Button mushroom cromesquis.

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