Sole, Lobster & lovage


Serves 4


– 600-800 g sole (2 pieces) Lovage stuffing

– 150 g sole trimmings

– 50 g lobster claws

– 4 g salt

– 270 g cream

– 60 g blanched lovage

– 70 g lobster tail

– 15 g olive oil

– 20 g butter


Lobster sauce

– 12 g Premium CHEF® Lobster Stock

– 15 cl water

– Trimmings and shell from one lobster

– 20 g groundnut oil

– 25 g butter

– 200 g liquid cream

– 35 g lemon slice

– 1 bunch basil

– 15 g lovage


Green breadcrumb coating

– 60 g dried sandwich bread

– 20 g flat parsley

– 15 g lovage

– 1 g decorative salt

– 200 g carrot

– 200 g turnip

– 200 g snow peas



– 20 flowering lovage tops


Sole stuffing

Filet the soles, shorten the filets to a length of 12 cm. Blend the sole trimmings, raw lobster claws with the salt, blanched lovage and then the cream. Season the lobster tail then sauté in the foaming butter. Cool then cut into a salpicon. Delicately mix the lobster salpicon and the stuffing, keep in an icing bag with a nozzle.


Cooking the sole

Seasoned two shortened filets, arrange the stuffing in the middle, roll in plastic food wrap and poach for 11 minutes in water at 65°C.



Cut the vegetables into strips 2 mm thick. Use a cutter to cut out round shapes 4, 8 and 12 mm in size. Blanch the vegetable pieces for a few seconds in salted boiling water.


Lobster sauce

Grind up the lobster trimmings and shell, sauté in oil then butter until nicely caramelised. Pour in the Premium CHEF® Lobster Stock made according to instructions, add the cream, then cook for 25 minutes. Away from the heat, add the basil, lemon and lovage. Cover, infuse for 30 minutes, filter through muslin and reduce.



Remove the soles from the plastic film, roll in the breadcrumbs, make a cut in it. Mix the vegetable rounds with the sauce then create a circle of sauce on the plate, and place the sole on top. Finish by placing a few lovage tops on each plate.


“The recipe for my fish dish at the 2012 Bocuse d’Or France! I really like lovage and its powerful, complex hazelnut taste that goes very well with fish and shellfish.”


Recipe created

by Thibaut RUGGERI

using Premium CHEF® Lobster Stock


 The most noble of products!

With its 25% lobster concentrate,

Enjoy an explosive and subtle taste experience!

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