CASSOULET by Franck Putelat

Castelnaudary beans, squab, dried red tuna

For 10 servings

1 kg of boneless loin
1 kg of de-rinded breast
250 g rind
1 kg of Toulouse sausages
10 boneless duck sleeves
1.5 kg of white beans from Castelnaudary
1 onion
1 carrot
1 stalk of celery
1 bay leaf
1 sprig of thyme
80 g of fresh garlic

Cut the meats into cubes, mark the meats and cook until brown with the rind the day before, cool.
Cook the beans in water with the aromatic garnish, adding salt halfway through cooking.
After cooking, decant the aromatic garnish (except the carrot)
In a blender, make a paste with the carrot and rinds by adding the garlic and 50 g of cooking stock. Mix this paste with the drained cooked beans.
Adjust seasoning.
Put the meats in pots, the beans, the cooking juices from the meats, a little cooking juices from the beans. Bake at 200°C for 1 hour.
Break the crust, and return to cooking for 2.5 hours, breaking the crust on top every ½ hour.
Leave to cool slightly. Mix in a food processor then reserve 350 g of pureed Cassoulet in a bag.
On the big day, heat the 350 g of pureed cassoulet, add 200 g of cream, 200 g white stock, 5 g of agar agar, put in a siphon, cartridge twice, reserve in the oven at 52°C.

PM Carcass, neck, fin
50g butter
2 L of red wine
2 L of white broth
40g butter

Make the stock from the necks, fins, carcass, brown well with foamed butter, degrease, deglaze with half the red wine, reduce until dry, re-deglaze with the other half of the red wine.
Reduce until dry, add the white stock, cook for 20 minutes, strain, reduce, bind with fresh butter.

4 pieces of squab
1 tbsp chopped chives
½ clove of crushed garlic
1 dash of cognac
1 tbsp candied shallot
15 to 20 g of diced duck foie gras
50 g of poultry stuffing

Empty the pigeons. Lift the thighs, debone, collect the meat from the thigh, leaving the skin on.
Chop liver, heart, thigh meat. Add a spoonful of chopped chives, ½ clove of crushed garlic, a touch of cognac, candied shallot, diced duck foie gras and poultry stuffing. Mix well, reform the thigh with the stuffing into the shape of a sausage, roll in plastic wrap, cook for 3 hours at 56°C, cool.
With the back, season with salt and pepper, then cook to the requested doneness
Bone and sleeve the wings.
Color the thighs by glazing lightly with butter.
Check the seasoning, roll up in plastic wrap. Steam at 64°C for 1 hour, cool.
Cut into 6 cm pieces per person, heat in the oven to 52°C then glaze in pigeon juice. Roast the thigh drumstick at the same time as the chest, serve.

50g beans
¼ carrot
1 bouquet garni
¼ onion

Cook the beans in mineral water with aromatic garnish. Halfway through cooking add salt and finish cooking. To book.
Put the beans to glaze in the pigeon juice.

To dress:
In the center of the plate, the beans glazed with pigeon juice. The two boneless pigeon supremes
The thigh pills.
Sausage pieces
A little juice and hot siphon.
Place a shaving of dried tuna belly on the plate.

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