Christopher William DAVIDSEN

Establishment : TOLLBUA

Born August 28 1983

A native of Stavanger, the Norwegian city famous for its Gastronomisk Institut, Christopher Davidsen has lived in Trondheim since 2015 and had very good reasons for setting up there: his engineer wife, Siri, his two daughters Hedda and Amalia, and the four establishments he is in charge of: Søstrene Karlsen (bar and simple cuisine), Kalas & Canasta (traditional cuisine), Almas (French-style bistro) and Caya (gastronomic restaurant of Nordic influence), not to mention his company CWD Catering. Yes, Christopher is relentless in his work! A profession he loves and a family who matter a lot to him: he is a happy man. He appreciates being able to try out different styles of cuisine, but spontaneously he is most drawn to traditional cooking, and not just Norwegian either.

His professional path has enabled him to work with Odd Ivar Solvold and Sven Erik Renåå. For the Bocuse d’Or, Gunnar Hvarnes (Bocuse de bronze 2011) was his coach. Gunnar describes Christopher as a great perfectionist who watches over everything and is extremely resistant to stress, important qualities for anyone aiming to climb the podium at the contest.

Recruited by the sublime Hotel Britannia in Trondheim, he is awarded a Michelin star in 2019. In 2023 he decides to fly on his own; stay tuned…

Attracted to a career as a soccer player for a long time, Christopher finally opted for the profession of chef; these days, he’s happy just watching matches and being an ardent supporter of Manchester United! When he has free time, he’s drawn to water: boating and fishing resonate with his Viking blood.


The podium dishes

Chicken & blue lobster. Jerusalem artichoke “sheets”, chicken rillette, salt- baked blue lobsters with fennel flavouring. Garnishes: Beet & Jerusalem artichokes. Fine celery tart. Leek & blue lobster heart.

Far North Jerusalem artichoke and leek heart. Crispy leek heart. Winter garden with smoked Jerusalem artichokes and apples. Vegan whipped butter. Rye chips. Emulsion of leek with Jerusalem artichoke gravy.

On the same podium

in 2017