What characterizes Jimmi the most is his open mind, constantly active.

Born in Stockholm, he still lives there today, but after having moved around a lot. After training as a chef in a hotel high school, he worked in Austria, Italy, the Caribbean, England… He also worked at the Lilla Ego restaurant in Stockholm.

He likes meeting people from all backgrounds, immersing himself in different cultures which nourish his creativity. An innovative spirit that translates into cooking not only on the plate but beyond.

During the Covid period, in order not to waste his time, he trained in 3D and began creating silicone molds. The purpose was also to produce his own molds to the Bocuse d’Or competition. What was initially a creative hobby that fueled his profession quickly became successful! Today he sells his creations all over the world, creating personalized designs for chefs or brands. And proof of his talent, he even unscrupulous counterfeiters… His site: https://foodshapes.shop/

He continues to nourish his mind by immersing himself in long walks study architecture, design and nature wherever he is in the world.

 For him it is important to cultivate oneself and to always evolve. On the private side, he shares the life of Lina, sommelier at the Portal restaurant.

In 2022 he signed the menu for the famous Nobel Prize banquet.

His other great passion: competition! After participating in various contests, he won the Årets Kock Prize (Chef of the Year) in 2016. From 2017 to 2020 he was captain of the Swedish culinary team and in 2021 he began training for the Bocuse d’Or, his ultimate dream, his holy grail. He excelled but a series of factors beyond the control of the competition organizers deprived him of the podium. Today he is an Honoris Causa member of the Bocuse d’Or Winners association who wanted to recognize his legitimate place among them.

Honoris Causa

The podium dishes

Pumpkin Nordic “Ceviche” with sea buckthorn & Espelette, roasted cabbage bouillon & marinated cabbage, cilantro & ginger. Soft crystal tartelette made of Swedish vinegar “ättika”. The milk skin egg, filled with baked egg & horseradish emulsion. Crispy pumpkin ring stuffed with chantarelles and caramelized onion & topped with browned butter cèpe foam served with a beurre blanc flavored with star anise, funnel chantarelle and vinegar. Pumpkin spice cake served warm with my childhood memories, caramel apples & pumpkin compote, passionfruit gel and vanilla ice cream.

Monkfish seasoned with mild juniper smoke & bergamot. Champagne sauce with browned butter & citrus. Sunchoke & cèpe. Cucumber, celery & salicorn “en gelée”. Grilled mussel ragout with lupin and sea buckthorn. Crouton ravioli with garlic and herbs.

On the same podium

in 2023