Establishment : Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville

Franck Giovannini was the first Swiss national to climb the podium of the Bocuse d’Or. Passionate, meticulous and precise, he constantly strives to prove his ability to everyone. A tireless perfectionist, he gives the best of himself every single day in order to progress still further. Franck Giovannini’s young but already successful career started at the Auberge de la Couronne where he was apprentice to Claude Joseph. Later, he went on to perfect his art with some of the great names in cuisine such as Grey Kunz in New York, Fredy Girardet, Philippe Rochat, Benoit Violier and others. He worked as a sous-chef from 2000, to the famous Philippe Rochat at the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, then became Chef when Rochat passed on the torch to Benoît Violier in 2012. After sharing 20 years of friendship and work in Crissier with Benoît Violier, he took over from him in the kitchen after Benoît passed away in 2016, continuing the work accomplished by his predecessors. He competed twice in the Bocuse d’Or, an experience that he describes as exceptional and unforgettable.



The podium dishes

Compression of Bresse chicken with black truffles from the Tricastin region. Chicken leg capuns confit. Bucatini barigoule twist. Tender foie gras with old Madeira. Ba-ta-clan wing.

Grilled Norwegian halibut with candied Sottoceneri lemons. Royal crab with herbs from the Gorges de Pichoux. Bayaldi of chicory and semi-candied black radish. Braised scallops with sour Crissier carrots. Amandine subric from the Vaud region with imperial ossetra oysters.

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