Jens Peter KOLBECK

Jens Peter Kolbeck is undoubtedly the most international of Danish chefs, as well as being the most famous. His career began with a world tour of the best kitchens. From Hamburg to the Savoy Hotel in London, Rome and Washington (where he worked for the Danish Embassy) and then to New York, he developed a rich panoply of experiences. However, that was not the end of it. From 1970 to 1974, he toured the best restaurants in France: Haeberlin, Guérard, Vergé, Troisgros, Bocuse, Point, and so on. By the time he returned to Denmark, he had become a remarkable chef thanks to all these influences, and Queen Margrethe made a clever choice when she took him into her service. He stayed 5 years managing the kitchens of the Royal household before returning to the world of restaurants where he enjoys making dishes for the many Danes who flock to his table. He also worked as a chef for a dynamic company (TeleBilling) whose director wanted to have a top chef for his guests… and staff!. Jens is retired today but he is still very active in his professional universe and every year he organises an important charity meal with the goal of funding internships abroad for young chefs. In 2012, he celebrated 50 years in the profession with a delightful ceremony, and on the occasion, his Danish colleagues awarded him the 2012 Chef of Chefs prize; an honour that left him overcome with emotion. 2019 saw the publication of a wonderful book retracing a career full of wonderful human encounters: De kalder ham Sølvräven (They call him the silver fox)


The podium dishes

Roast beef fillet with juniper berries. Old Genever gin from the Ghent region.

Turbot in puff pastry and calf’s foot braised in Geuze beer.

On the same podium

in 1993