Establishment : AIRA

Tommy Myllymäki undeniably belongs to the young generation of Swedish chefs who have travelled and experienced various culinary traditions but are eager to develop Nordic cuisine, which is increasingly rooted in its environment: simple, direct and self-evident, highlighting vegetables and nature. His grandmother Kerttu’s cooking inspired his passion for his future profession and rooted him in the kind of rustic traditional cooking that delights the palates of diners at Julita Wärdshus, his summer inn in the Södermanland region. Tommy is very open-minded and cherishes this fantastic gastronomic memories of tasting dishes by Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Ducasse in Monaco, Régis Marcon, and so on. Since his success at the Bocuse d’Or, he has been solicited from all sides; beneath the surface of this calm man with an actor’s physique lies a real talent for communicating, and Swedish TV was quick to turn him into a star of the small screen, cross-crossing the country highlighting local products in the form of spontaneous culinary creations that are helping to give the Man in the Street a desire to cook. In December 2012, he opened a new restaurant in the town of Jönköping: “Sjön”, or Lake in Swedish; an establishment that he conceived of as simple, serving a cuisine within everyone’s scope. In 2018, he closes Sjön, heading towards new projects… March 2020 will see the opening in Stockholm of his restaurant Aira, awarded two Michelin stars. Despite the intense work, he finds time to run every day, a passion that he shares with his wife Malin, a designer.


The podium dishes

Roast lamb. Puffed bread sticks, lemon-thyme and dried cranberries. Shoulder of lamb. Baby onions and mushroom juice jelly. Potato and lamb sweetbread, lemon, leek and horseradish. Organic red beet, old apple vinegar. Smoked lamb consommé, aromatic herbs. Sauce: Cheese foam with hay. Gravy seasoned with browned butter. Apple and picked leek flowers.

Guinea fowl in 3 ways with mushrooms, apples and artichokes. Breast stuffed with mushrooms and tarragon, confit of legs with crispy skin, foie gras and endives. Smoked apples and onions, truffles and mushrooms with lichen, Jerusalem artichoke and artichoke in vinaigrette with carrots, peas and herbs. Apple juice with vinegar and pepper, emulsion of frying juices and fat.

Crab-wrapped monkfish. Croquette of monkfish cheek, onion and crab. Yellow beet with lemon. Pickled cucumber “ocean style” and caviar. Variation of Jerusalem artichoke. Sautéed and baked langoustine. Sabayon with Swedish vinegar and browned butter, horseradish and crab roe.

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