Kleuster… and its Freegones

10 rue des frères Bertrand



Kleuster, manufacturer of the electrically assisted cargo bike Freegônes, has been created in 2012. The ambition of the Lyon-based company and its twenties employees : to offer a reliable, profitable and durable work tool to professionals operating in densely populated areas.
Based on a single chassis, Freegônes can accommodate 5 modules (Dry cell, Refrigerated cell, Food, Bed tid-up and Refuse skip). It is thus aimed at a wide range of professionals, including those working in the food industry, restaurants and hotels thanks to the Food module.
Modules designed for the food industry
Unique on the cargo bike market, Freegônes Food is available in three variants: piano, full window and half-window. Thanks to its 8 hours of positive cold and 4 hours of negative cold on battery, it allows a multitude of activities according to the season, from coffee to ice creams and pancakes through snacking.
Not to mention the ATP-approved refrigeration module, which is also unique in the cargo bike market for its capacity to maintain temperatures between +4 and -25°C for a full day of operation.
A tried and tested tool
Kleuster’s solution has been tested by a hundred professionals in various fields, including the food industry, such as Institut Paul Bocuse, Barbarac, Mystic Delivery, Grimpeurs Cyclist House, Bragard, La Fabrique Givrée, Ecotel, Frais Chez Toi or Intermarché, Leclerc Drive, Lime, Cityscoot, Métropole de Lyon, etc.
After joining the Jean Lain Mobilités group in 2020, one of the top 20 automotive distribution groups in France present in the Alpine arc, Kleuster sealed a partnership with Renault Trucks at the end of 2022 on the industrial and commercial side.
Freegônes is now assembled on a line installed in the manufacturer’s historic factory in Saint-Priest close to Lyon, while Renault Trucks distributors market the cargo bike throughout France.


Gérard Tetu

Founding Director