Norway Seafood Festival

Pirsenteret, Havnegata 9


Trondheim - Norway

The Norway Seafood Festival was held in Trondheim for the first time from 2 to 4 March 2023.
Here you will feast on wonderful delicacies from the sea.

Norway and Trøndelag region have the world’s best seafood, and during the festival week it is given the center stage. At the Seafood Festival, there is seafood in all places. The city is buzzing with activities and the menus are full of the best the sea has to offer – in the middle of the seafood season. Because it’s at this time of year, when the sea is really cold, that the seafood is at its very best. The skrei (Atlantic cod) spawn along the Norwegian coast, fishes are firm and tasty and the shellfish are in full vigor. At the same time, the sun has begun to shine over our city, and there are brighter times ahead. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for a seafood festival!

The food served will be prepared by young culinary talents as well as established star chefs. As Norway’s food capital, Trondheim is full of talented chefs and fantastic eateries. In combination with the world’s best raw materials from the sea, we will also attract visits from celebrity chefs and foodies.
Here you will also be able to attend cooking shows, lectures, research, participate in activities and experience the good festival atmosphere. There will also be concerts and other cultural events that you can experience while enjoying delicious seafood. The beverages served with the food will also get the attention they deserve, and we can promise a lot that deserves a toast.
Come eat, experience, explore and learn. Together we will celebrate seafood!

Norway Seafood Festival has chosen to become a partner of the Bocuse d’Or Winners association because we share the same interest in authentic and festive cuisine.


Kristian DIGRE