Saveurs de Norvège

213, chemin de la Villette


Sainte Marie d’Alloix - France

Our objective at Saveurs de Norvège: to promote top-of-the-range culinary specialties from the Far North.
We are Norwegian entrepreneurs combining more than 40 years of professional experience in France. We forge links between Norwegian exporters of seafood products (and other agri-food specialties), and professional customers in France; distributors, store managers, chefs etc. Our perfect knowledge of both cultures and two languages allows us to work closely with everyone.
This is the key to understanding and communicating well, a guarantee of efficiency.
We carry out market studies, follow the products from A to Z, ensure the success of their marketing, set up marketing and communication operations.
Flavors of Norway has chosen to represent the ultimate in salmon with Salma and Bömlo but also very confidential products such as Fenalår from the Viking tradition, a leg of lamb marinated, dried and matured for 7 months. We also offer White Halibut from the Fjords and SALSUS, a tasty range of stocks and sauces for professionals.
Being a partner of the Bocuse d’Or Winners is consistent with our quest for excellence and our love of gastronomy.