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CONTRES - France


Since 1905, the story of St Michel – an independent, family-owned business based in France – has developed around two iconic products: the madeleine and the galette, two inimitable recipes. While our profession consists in producing cookies and pastries for moments of indulgent pleasure, our focus has always been on seeking excellence, placing the product at the very heart of what we do. We keep that artisanal spirit alive while offering products of consistent quality to a maximum of people. Our commitments are by no means recent and we have been pioneers on a number of subjects. So we manufacture simple recipes in our own factories, prioritising locally-sourced ingredients (French wheat from La Filière CRC, French beet sugar) and limiting additives as much as possible. We take issues like setting up distribution channels, traceability, recycling, animal welfare and environmental protection very seriously, alongside passing down the culture of taste to younger generations.


The St Michel Professionnel range, dedicated to professionals in the restaurant, hotel, catering and bakery trades, offers multiple solutions, resulting from our pastry- and cookie-making know-how.

Our product ranges, supported by a number of fine, trustworthy brands like St Michel, Bonne Maman and Jean Ducourtieux, are adaptable to the needs of chefs in all four corners of the world. Our goal is to become their special partner in the design and production of delicious, surprising desserts and snacks.

With our broad choice of products, reveal your creativity at breakfast, as a dessert, a delicious coffee-time treat, but also for a break or for takeaway items.


Our range is built around our iconic Madeleine, an authentic French recipe from the Commercy region in Lorraine, featuring real ingredients like flour, butter and eggs.
Thanks to easy, quick reheating, you can relive the delicious experience of crispy, melting madeleines straight out of the oven. We currently offer chefs a range of bakery products from the French regions that enable them to dream up original, tasty solutions and respond to the latest market trends. You’ll be working wonders!


Invented by pastry chef Jean Ducourtieux, our range of ready-to-bake products has, since 1955 in Dordogne, provided chefs with a guarantee of products of consistent quality combined with time-saving, so they can produce and re-invent all the traditional French recipes: éclairs, religieuses, flans, logs. Accord yourself the time to create some unique delights!


Our range of small cookies and cakes specially selected to go with desserts or coffee inspire the creation of some true moments of gourmandise. Our little treats served on the side enhance every cup of coffee and add an indulgent signature to every meal. Make your product offering stand out with emblematic products and a recognised brand!


Our team of chefs, trained in renowned establishments, travel the world listening to you, and are available to assist you through custom solutions, technical advice, demonstrations and recipes.


Laurent NOPPE

International Development Director