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Notre Dame d’Oé - France

Spices, a passion with African roots
It all started in the 1990s with a pepper plantation in Cameroon, where Erwann de Kerros spent several years. Through the day-to-day growing of pepper on exceptionally high-quality land, he discovered the care that goes into each peppercorn, the importance of every gesture, and above all the exquisite pepper variety that would become his favourite: Penja. Working with producers in a spirit of quality, trust and sustainable development, Terre Exotique has developed its business in France as an importer and blender of spices over the past 20 years.

A passion and values shared with our partners
From the picker’s precise gestures to the producer’s rigorous standards, we pass along pepper-growing expertise that is often ancestral and an unfailing search for quality through the spices we select. We won’t pretend to have invented anything, but our approach respects biodiversity and our quest is as passionate as it is demanding. Simply put, we serve as brokers of excellence, operating with short distribution chains.

Products we share with chefs and spice enthusiasts
Since its creation, Terre Exotique has developed a range of almost 600 spice products and blends that it has committed to share with as many people as possible by making its products available in over 50 countries. Not forgetting the book Terre de Poivre (by Erwann de Kerros and Bénédicte Bortoli, published by Editions La Martinière), the International Pepper Festival (organised by Terre Exotique in 2019), and the Pepper Academy (training courses provided by Terre Exotique in France and abroad). Our commitment continues into 2021 with the spice transport programme, bringing us as close to producers as possible on the Terre Exotique yacht (net-zero carbon impact).
Joining the Bocuse d’Or Winners is a logical step in pursuing the eagerness to share and search for excellence that drives the 45 members of the Terre Exotique crew.


Gautier Renault

Export Manager