The ecological emergency is taking up more and more space in our daily lives. Expectations are growing among our consumers. Our companies’ reputations are built thanks to unwavering ethic, authenticity and transparency. This is addressed to us ALL: TOGETHER, we must build this future.

We must act NOW. Time has come for sincere commitments and concrete, global actions.

At green care Professional, we believe that it is possible to preserve our environment without sacrificing our modern lifestyles.

  • PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH A CREDIBLE SUSTAINABLE EXPERIENCE, transparent and perceptible in all of the establishment’s decisions.
  • PRESERVE OUR RESOURCES AND LIMIT WASTE by only using recycled plastic and plant-based formulas.
  • RESPECT OUR HEALTH AND GUARANTEE HEALTHY AND FRIENDLY SPACES FOR OUR GUESTS. Let’s choose products that respect our air quality, our life, and our health.
  • LET’S ENGAGE WITH PRIDE IN A RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS APPROACH and create a new relationship of proximity and sharing with our customers.
  • CHOOSE A SUSTAINABLE AND IRREPROACHABLE HYGIENE with eco-designed cleaners, certified without any impact on the environment and the users.
  • BUILD A VIRTUOUS FUTURE, that will bring long-term SUCCESS, thanks to our join efforts. Together, let’s rewrite the sector’s standards.

Like green care Professional, make the choice of a sincere and ethical approach, for a circular future, turned into a world preserved by each one.




Marketing Manager France