He is known everywhere as the chef of the mountains, and presides over the family inn transformed into a temple of gastronomic excellence. His reputation won at the Bocuse d’Or and above all the quality of his cuisine have attracted both local and international gourmets to his base in the village of St Bonnet-le-Froid. They […]


No one could have foreseen Melker Andersson becoming a chef, even though his mother enjoyed cooking! What’s more, his real love was skiing, both for the sport itself but above all for the competition. Although an excellent skier, he realised that he would never beat his compatriot Gunde Svan (a future world champion). Consequently, his […]

Patrik JAROS

Patrik started his career as a chef like many others, working in a large number of restaurants, including the Aubergine, Munich’s star ranking eatery, where he was chef from 1993 to 1995. There is no doubting Patrik Jaros’s love of cuisine, but restaurants are not the only places where he likes to practise his art! […]