Christian André PETTERSEN

Born July 21 1989 He was born in the town of Bodø, north of the polar Arctic circle: the Far North. And that’s the theme he developed for the Bocuse d’Or. His childhood was immersed in the flavours of the ultra-fresh fish pâtés prepared by his father, a cook, and fried in butter. Alongside these […]


Born May 11 1982 Looking at Kenneth’s career path is a bit like enjoying a surge of positive energy. From the age of 17, he started training as a cook at the vocational high school in Silkeborg. After starting out as a dishwasher at the Christian 8 restaurant, in the same town, he worked relentlessly to […]

Sebastian GIBRAND

Born August 6 1988 It all started with a grandmother who was an excellent cook (and a magician when it came to baking), who loved to show little Sebastian how enjoyable cooking can be. For his part, Sebastian realised from the age of 10 that, beyond the amusement aspect, he was engaging in an activity […]