Establishment : Villa Skeiane

He is definitely the “sportiest” of the Norwegian chefs competing for the Bocuse d’Or. His professional itinerary leaves the impression of an inexhaustible practitioner of cuisine, and of culinary competitions in particular. Trained at the Godalen Hotel School and the famous Culinary Institute of Norway in Stavanger, he began his career working at a string of prestigious restaurants in Sweden, the USA and Denmark, before returning to Norway, where he worked at the inevitable Bagatelle, among other places. However, he’s a born competitor and has participated in the national culinary team since 1997, becoming its captain from 2001 to 2004. He has won acclaim at many international competitions, in both individual and team events. After directing the Culinary Institute of Norway, Charles Tjessem worked for Statoil, an oil company, handling the catering of its reception facilities. Then in 2005, his dream came true with the opening of his own establishment together with his wife Monika. This is a lively place, combining a restaurant, a bakery-pastry shop, cooking classes and seminar facilities. In late 2016, he sold everything to set off on some new adventures in the realm of consulting. 2018: ever loyal to Sandnes, opening of a restaurant in a sublime house, a former vicarage: Villa Skeiane!



The podium dishes

“Barlaug” beef fillet. Beef tenderloin “Bouchère”-style with black truffles and duck liver. Braised oxtail in warm Mas Amiel jelly. Parsnip and pumpkin tian with glazed chippolita onions. Duck liver and apricot agnolotti in cep froth. Madeira Reduction.

Langoustine wrapped in Norwegian fjord trout, infused with lemon and tarragon. Shrimp flan with oyster and sevruga. Potato ganache in a crispy crust. Vegetable bruchetta. Coconut-citrus-curry emulsion.

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