Establishment : Geranium

When he was a child, cooking was not a priority in Ronni’s household, far from it in fact. He still jokes about it with his sister and parents who have since made great progress. From the age of 10, Ronni started to cook at home, happy to be improving on the ordinary. He particularly loved the manual side of this pastime. As a teenager, he was fascinated by TV travel programmes featuring the local specialities from each country. He searched for French and Italian cheeses, and took an interest in products from across the world. Later on, he would travel extensively, his senses and curiosity peaked, adding to his own culinary universe. He loved transforming basic recipes into his own personal creations.

He entered the restaurant world at the age of 13: starting out as a dishwasher, he then became a commis chef at the Skjalm Hvide Hotel. He studied at a hotel and restaurant school and at the age of 15 became an apprentice at the Hotel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen before joining the team at the gastronomic restaurant Søllerød Kro. In 2005, he was named best young chef in Denmark. He did an initial stint at the Geranium, then left for a few years to make the most of other experiences, for example alongside Ronny Emborg at AOC in Copenhagen. He returned to the Geranium in 2018 as sous-chef and head of development.

Ronni and the Bocuse d’Or have a long history. As commis chef to Rasmus Kofoed in 2007, then to Jasper Kure who ranked fourth in 2009, Ronni was immersed in the contest for many years! His dream of competing as a candidate became reality with an excellent Bocuse d’argent in 2021. The loop had been looped.

Far from the kitchens, he recharges his batteries through being in contact with nature: through gardening, another manual activity that he loves, or during walks in the forest with his partner Julia and their two children.


The podium dishes

Braised beef Gaia

Take away box around tomato

On the same podium

in 2021