Terje NESS

Terje Ness comes from a small town in the west of Norway, Førde. He was four years old when he decided to become a chef. He doesn’t know why, since at the time he didn’t even help his mother in the kitchen … but that was what he wanted to do. Years later, he found himself in the kitchens of the famous Bagatelle restaurant in Oslo. From 1997 to 2000, he belonged to the Norwegian culinary team. During the year leading up to the Bocuse d’Or he trained intensively with the enthusiastic support of Eyvind Hellstrøm. After winning, he continued to work at the Bagatelle before opening his first restaurant, ORO, in August 2000. It met with instant success. Terje left ORO in March 2004 to work at Haga, on the splendid Haga golf course a few months later. This gave him the opportunity to combine his love of nature and sport with his profession. Terje likes developing his own style of cuisine, mainly based on the fish found in Norwegian waters, by enhancing their diverse qualities. He blends the techniques of French cuisine with local products, a strategy that has earned him an international reputation and led him to travel as an ambassador for Norwegian sea products. In 2009, he returned to take command of ORO to general acclaim. He opened two new restaurants, Brasserie Blanche and Alfred (in the Nobel Peace Centre). 2011 was the year of the big project with the opening in late September of ONDA, a sort of steamship on the water in Oslo harbour. Following the success of these projects, he concentrated on ORO while at the same time developing a new high-level line of business focused on private luxury catering to individuals and companies. In 2013-15, he also became the Norwegian celebrity “Children’s Chef” through a highly successful double season with the TV series The Children’s KitchenIn 2016, Terje decided to devote himself entirely to his company Restauranthosdeg (a restaurant in your home).


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