Antti Lukkari †

Antii is 21 at the time of the contest. At the time, he was working for chef Matti Jämsen, and it was only natural that he assisted him for the Bocuse d’Or. This also strengthened a friendship that extended beyond the competition.

He had always loved competition, and did not hide his desire to one day be a candidate for the Bocuse d’Or for Finland.

For him, it was really a huge experience that taught him so much! There was teamwork, and then all that attention to detail. On a personal level, it had made him more “cool”, less stressed, he said.
Since then, he had remained at the highest level in his professional career. After a stint with Rasmus Kofoed (Geranium in Copenhagen), he had become sous-chef then chef at Frantzén, another 3-star restaurant located in Stockholm.

He dreamed of having his own restaurant one day. Life decided otherwise and he left us suddenly in January 2023.

We will keep the advice he gave to the commis of the Bocuse d’Or: “Be patient and shut up! Don’t complain… And you will learn a lot.”

We have lost a talented member of the Bocuse d’Or Winners family.


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