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Ireland: setting the standard in grass-fed beef

Ireland’s grasslands are the most productive in Europe, thanks to a mild climate, 180 days of rain each year and the expertise of Irish farmers. Mineral-rich grasslands with a variety of flora cover 80% of the country, much to the delight of the livestock.

An ideal meat for foodservice
Traditionally, Ireland produces grass-fed beef breeds, slaughtered after two summers out grazing. As the cattle are fed on grass throughout their lives, they develop intramuscular fat (marbling) earlier. This is what gives the meat its unique colour, flavour and texture. And because the animals are fairly small, the cuts they produce are reasonably sized and can be divided into thick portions that cook particularly well.

A sustainable product
Today, we are interested in more than just how food tastes. Everyone – the farmer, the chef and the consumer – wants to know that their choices are making a difference. The Irish food and drink sector was quick to see this change coming, and in 2012 created Origin Green, a national sustainability programme under which farmers and food producers commit to ongoing improvements in practices.

Chosen by chefs
Bord Bia has a special relationship with the chefs who promote Irish beef, in particular through the Chefs’ Irish Beef Club (CIBC), founded in 2004.
Support for Bocuse d’Or winners is a part of this, so do get in touch if you have an initiative or question involving Irish products. We’ll be delighted to help!


Germain Millet

Market specialist