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A family saga
Established since 1920 in Saugues in Haute-Loire, in the heart of the Margeride mounts, the Borde Company created and developed by three generations of passionate entrepreneurs Alexandre, Gérard and nowadays Alain Borde, is today an undisputed leader in its field.
Very attached to its territory, the company is implementing the CSR approach and plays an important social and economic role in the region.

A noble product
Borde is a French company specialized in exceptional products: wild mushrooms.
Porcini, morels, chanterelles, black trumpets, milky agarics, fairy ring mushrooms, grey agarics, shiitake, oyster mushrooms. Wonderful treasures of the undergrowth! A guarantee of pure emotion!

Wild by Nature
For many of its aspects, the wild mushroom is a food product apart.
Its harvest is highly dependent on climatic hazards and the natural environment.
Its consumption is still largely influenced by the cultural and culinary heritage of each country and region. The wild mushroom is a fragile product that requires constant attention and true know-how to package it.

Feel the product is essential
Master in wild mushrooms for nearly 100 years, Borde chooses its terroirs throughout the world and adapts the preservation methods to sublimate each variety.

The Borde collection, the art of preservation in all its states
The collection is available under different forms: dehydrated, canned, frozen, freeze-dried
These ranges are marketed in France and in more than 70 countries around the world.

Constantly innovating and creating trends
The company innovates to create new trends. More than just a supplier, Borde becomes a source of culinary inspiration.
The Prestige range, a selection of mushrooms packaged in an elegant pot.
Freeze-dried mushrooms: this process facilitates the use of wild mushrooms while preserving the flavours (we are close to fresh mushrooms).
Culinary aids: Fumets (mushroom juices), Coulis and Duxelles

Perfect ranges for chefs in France and around the world!


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