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Our Philosophy

We produce the best broths, stocks and sauces made with the best chefs in Norway for all chefs.

Our raw materials are carefully selected, particularly for their superior quality and freshness. The bones still contain a high percentage of meat, a guarantee of inimitable taste and color for our products.

Sustainable development is at the heart of our purchasing policy: all our basic ingredients are waste from other industries previously used only for the production of energy such as gas. This is still the case, but now, an additional step also makes it possible to produce high-end ingredients.

Selection of raw materials

In Norway we have access to very high-quality ingredients that offer many benefits. As examples:

– Cows here receive the lowest rate of antibiotic treatment in the world;

– The quantity of pesticides used per hectare of arable land is the lowest in Europe;

– Geographical proximity to our suppliers allows us to receive our raw materials fresh every day;

– We use very pure water for all our products.


Our products are perfect for every kitchen! Chefs save time and cost by using them while maintaining their freedom of creation and customization. Our range consists of broths, stocks and ready-to-use sauces with guaranteed quality and ease of use in terms of allergens.

The extended shelf life of our products (up to 24 months at room temperature and without additives!) is another undeniable advantage.


Bela Szabo


Guillaume Stasioli

Export Manager