CASSOULET by Franck Putelat

Castelnaudary beans, squab, dried red tuna For 10 servings CASSOULET1 kg of boneless loin1 kg of de-rinded breast250 g rind1 kg of Toulouse sausages10 boneless duck sleeves1.5 kg of white beans from Castelnaudary1 onion1 carrot1 stalk of celery1 bay leaf1 sprig of thyme80 g of fresh garlic Cut the meats into cubes, mark the meats […]

Holiday turkey stuffed with forest delights

  For 6-8 people   1 turkey weighing around 3 kg with liver and giblets 3 T goose fat 100 g shallots 1 garlic clove 100 g fine poultry stuffing 1 kg seasonal forest mushrooms (chanterelles, girolles, etc.) ready to cook 2 beaten eggs 20 cl poultry stock with or without salt 18 peeled grelot […]

Veal trilogy, Liège-style

For 4 people 300 g sweetbread 1 veal kidney 220 g veal fillet 5 cl juniper alcohol 1 dl veal stock Butter 1 red cabbage 1 apple 50 g Liège syrup 10 g juniper berries 200 g vitelotte potatoes Frying oil 1 bunch green asparagus Salt Pepper Veal Poach the sweetbread in a court-bouillon for […]

Reindeer stew en croûte

  For 6 people   Pastry 125 g butter 250 g flour 1.5 dl water 0.5 c. tsp salt   Stew 700 g boned reindeer shoulder, diced into 2-3 cm squares 3 T butter 1 onion cut into quarters 3 T flour 2 dl port 5 dl beef stock 2 finely chopped garlic cloves 1 […]

Pigeon with foie gras

  For 4 people   2 whole pigeons 4 lobes raw foie gras 50 g currants 1 large celery root 200 g cepes 400 g garden peas Thyme Garlic 20 g sugar 20 g white wine vinegar 20 g water White wine Shallots Cream Butter Salt Pepper   Trim the pigeons, and make a stock […]

Rosé Bresse pigeon en bécasse

  For 4 people   2 Bresse pigeons, 500 g, partly eviscerated   Pigeon gravy 400 g pigeon carcasses 2 cl peanut oil 50 g thinly sliced onions 40 g thinly sliced shallots 20 g lemon thyme 1 small sprig rosemary 2 g coarsely crushed pepper 1 tsp niora pepper 1 cognac 3 cl white […]

Veal hock with roasted vegetables and lovage

  For 4 to 6 people   1 veal hock, around 1.2 kg 10 shallots 5 carrots 500 g new potatoes Fine sea salt Freshly ground black pepper A little flour 40 g salted butter 2 bay leaves 5 cloves 100 ml dry white chardonnay 3 sprigs of lovage     Peel the shallots, and […]